Fizzgig attacking my feet
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Fizzgig Attacked Me While Editing

Fizzgig is my adorable rescue kitty. Got her at a few days old and managed to keep her alive. She keeps me on my toes… as she eats my toes! While I was editing a book I am writing with a friend Liliana Cresswell, she figured eating my toes after running over my keyboard was a great idea!

She is so lucky she is cute and it did not hurt all that much. I certainly love her and she is keeping me young as I run after her telling her to get something out of her mouth. She also pants like a dog… Think she believes she is a dog.

It is such an amazing feeling knowing that I saved this kitten. Fizzgig would not have made it without someone willing to feed her every couple of hours and help her go to the bathroom. She slept on my chest to stay warm because she could not regulate her own temperature yet. That is how small she was when she was left all alone.

There is no doubt how much joy this little kitten has brought into my life. I am even debating to work off some of this energy by getting her a harness and taking her on walks. It would amuse me at least!

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