• Fitness Journey 2

    Fitness Journey Part 2

    Staying on the fitness track. Today was a rough day. I woke up to find out my Aunt was not doing very good. Cancer SUCKS! I decided that since I was going to see her later in the evening, I…

  • fitness journey

    Fitness Journey Part 1

    The beginning of the year I was on a pretty amazing life transformation with fitness. I was working out every day, eating awesome and losing weight. My favorite part was I felt amazeballs. No joke, I felt great. I slept…

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    Rascle is my Flu Buddy

    View this post on Instagram "You have the flu and won't stop throwing up? Let me lay against your tummy and purr. Feel better?" Lol he's been all up on me all day. Such a good cat. #cat #catselfie #catsnuggles…

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    IV Bruise Just Keeps Looking Worse!

    View this post on Instagram This looks pretty gross… Sorry. This was from my second stay at the hospital because the illness made me super dehydrated. Couldn't keep anything down. It's been over a week and it still looks awful.…

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    In the ER!

    View this post on Instagram Hospital gown and IV! :-/ A post shared by Leotastic (@leotastictv) on Feb 19, 2015 at 12:00am PST