Daddy Scrubs
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Daddy Scrubs Review

I received my Daddy Scrubs in the mail and could hardly wait for my husband to come home and try them on! We recently found out we were expecting our second child, which made these Daddy Scrubs something we really wanted.

Our first go around my husband was wearing his work clothes when he held our daughter for the first time. This is something my husband kids with me about never letting THAT one go. He had to work, and we were not sure how long we had so he met me at the hospital right after work. THIS time, we will be prepared!

These scrubs are a very durable material and my husband claims they feel soft even without wearing a t-shirt underneath. He is fickle on what he wears, if it is not comfortable… why bother? So this is something he may even wear after, or before the event.

The scrubs are machine washable, which is a must in my home. It also has a V neck which gives more comfort in the delivery room, or anytime. They have a drawstring for the pants, which adds an almost pajama pants feel.. even more comfort! There are 3 pockets in the pants and one in the shirt so plenty of “storage space”.

I had picked the “Edgy” look for my husband, just because he is sort of Edgy. He seemed to like the look and is pleased with them all around. We are adding it to the hospital bag so they are not forgotten!

Daddy Scrubs does not just do scrubs! You can get coffee mugs, water bottles, travel mugs, t-shirts, gift bags, and even more! You can check out all they have to offer here I hope you enjoy them as much as my family!

Disclosure: My opinions are my own and may differ from your own.

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