Ever looked around your house and thought, “I have too much stuff!” Think it is time to downsize. I am not a hoarder, perhaps a little on the side of a pack rat, but I was able to fit my whole house into a moving truck and drive across the country…. so NOT a hoarder, despite what my husband says. We moved from a decently sized place into a much smaller place. This is our in-between home, we do not expect to be here more than 2 years while we build our forever home. That day will be magical.

Regardless, this place is too small. We moved in 2 weeks ago and it has been chaos. As I clean and unpack, I find I do not have room for a lot of our things. So now as I open a box it is like playing roulette and hoping the kids do not see as I toss some things in the donation pile. With that being said, Bean is doing amazing. She is actually going through boxes and tossing things in the donation pile herself. We told them both we can store some things, but not everything. That is a lot harder for our 3-year-old to understand. She would live in a room where you could not see the floor.


I feel like I am doing a huge purge. Everyone tells me to make piles of things I am keeping and ones I am getting rid of. Here are my steps to downsize-

  1. Pick up an item and decide, do I NEED it, LOVE it, or DOES IT BRING ME JOY.
  2. Each item is put into their designated pile.
  3. Then I look at a few items
  4. Decide I maybe want to keep it.
  5. It switches piles
  6. Then I decide 5 minutes later… “Naw, I’m good without it.”
  7. It switches piles
  8. Sometimes it comes back to the keep pile
  9. Then I decided a little while later as I am putting the KEEP pile away if I made the right choice or not. If it fits, it stays… if it doesn’t, it gets donated.

Pretty much how each box is going. On the plus side, it may be taking me longer to do this pile business everyone recommends, but I am downsizing. Then I start to wonder, perhaps I just need to empty the box and skip the piles. As my family often says,

“If it fits, it ships.”

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