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2015 Holiday Gift Guide,  Review

Eric Carle Developmental Ladybug Toy Review

The holidays are a fun time for everyone and my favorite part is when the kids get so excited about what you gave them. This will be my newest babies first Christmas and I want it to be a fantastic one. I love to see babies playing with the paper and sometimes the box more than the toy. I do like to find some toys that make it in the more exciting part of the holidays past all the wrappings, like toys from Eric Carle.

I truly think that The World of Eric Carle Developmental Ladybug Toy by Kids Preferred is one of those toys. It is great for babies 0+ months. It is the red and black colors babies are drawn to and great things for them to grab and chew on.

When my baby rolls around on the floor I have thrown this down with her and she finds anyway to get next to it and start grabbing all the stuff and of course chewing on every bit she can get in her mouth. It even has numbers on it to help with early numeral recognition.

I am always trying to find ways to stimulate her mind and get her moving. She really loves this Ladybug and gets so excited when I give it to her.. JUST out of reach. It gets her moving and then she is rewarded with getting to play with it. The crinkle sounds are a delight to her tiny ears and I feel confident that he will be a great friend for a long time for her.

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