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Fitness Journey Part 1

The beginning of the year I was on a pretty amazing life transformation with fitness. I was working out every day, eating awesome and losing weight. My favorite part was I felt amazeballs. No joke, I felt great. I slept awesomely, I felt awesome and my mood was awesome. Lots of awesomeness.

Sadly my progress was cut short, as I let life stop me. I got sidetracked with stresses at home, then my Grammy passed, and then I packed up my entire life and moved 2,200 miles across the country. I ate out a lot, and the only workouts I got was moving furniture, taking apart furniture and packing boxes. I am scared to get on the scale and see where I am now. Did I go back to where I started? That scares me.

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Realistically I know that I am probably right back where I started, or worse. I am in the middle of unpacking my new place and trying to make it a home. It is stressful and crazy and not everything is fitting. I keep telling myself every day that I will go for a walk or a jog or perhaps I will just start on Monday! Always Monday, what is with that? I know I can not be the only person that says that.

Tonight I decided enough was enough. I dug out a reasonable pair of shoes because my actual running shoes I left in California…. totally not pleased about that new development. Found a light jacket, as it was cold, and I got out a workout outfit. Strapped on my phone case, to my arm and set up my Map My Fitness app and turned on my workout playlist on Spotify. I left the house at a reasonable Jog.

No joke, I freaking started jogging. I think it was the music, honestly, it just got me motivated. Work B*tch! by Britney Spears usually gets me going. I did intervals for about 1.40 miles and then I got back to the house and walked to the mailbox with my daughter and dog. We had frequent potty breaks, cuz my dog likes to mark HER territory. It is weird, but she marks. No idea why.

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When I got back I had done 1.51 miles! I was so freaking excited! The downside to pushing myself so hard… I nearly lost my dinner several times. I did not, so for that, I feel pretty accomplished. I’m feeling a little sore already, but I plan to do it tomorrow too.

No more excuses about fitness, time to put myself first.

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