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Girl’s Night for Amber’s Birthday!

So we are only about 2 weeks late on celebrating Amber’s Birthday, but we did it in style! Well, our style anyways. We celebrated with a girl’s night doing some karaoke at our favorite dive bar.

We were celebrating Amber (check out her blog PMSWarrior) and everything that she has endured the last year. Many ups and downs, but she’s making it through it. That is what is so important about girlfriends.

I am not talking about girls that you just hang out with sometimes. I am talking girls that have your back. They may tell you, you are an idiot, but they will support whatever it is that makes you happy. They will also help you hide the body and not tell the cops. THAT is what is most important.

Ladies that will straighten your crown without telling you it was crooked. Women that want the best for you, and are not jealous and sabotage you. Someone that won’t try to steal your man the moment your back is turned. THAT is what I am talking about when I say, girlfriends.

With the Birthday Girl!

Chicks you can go have a girl’s night out with and just have fun and know y’all got each other’s back. I love Amber and Jess, they are amazing ladies that certainly are there for me, even though I am incredibly hard to be there for. Simply for the fact I slap a smile on and go through the motions.

So back to our evening birthday festivities! I like to ramble. We all got dressed up (for us anyway) and we headed over to Jess’ house and pre-gamed. That saves us some money while out drinking. We are all frugal and like to save some money.

The birthday girl said she wanted mudslides so I found some and took it over! We sat around talking about everything under the sun. Including Amber’s new blog. I have encouraged her to start one. We also worked on our karaoke list before we got buzzed. We make HORRIBLE choices like all three of us trying to rap when we drink.

We talked about the book I am co-writing with Jess as well. We are incredibly excited about that. We have worked on it the last year and even with stress and work problems and the like. We keep working on it bit by bit. We have put our souls into this project and can’t wait to finish it and bring it to the world. Amber agreed to be a Beta reader for when we finish it, which will hopefully be in the next few months.

Jess and I!

After our chit chatting and drinking we tipsily climbed into a car. NO, we were not driving. Jess’ fantastic beau was kind enough to be our DD and kept us safe all evening. We got to our favorite bar and got to singing!

A good friend of ours Alex (he just got married, see some of the photos HERE) runs the karaoke there and we just had a wonderful time. Met some new people, danced, sang and just had fun! That is what it is all about enjoying girl’s night. You leave the worries at the door when you go out to celebrate with your friends. Just cut lose and have a good time. It recharges the soul.

I am just glad that Amber had a fabulous birthday. She deserves it and so much more! <3


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