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Lay-N-Go Review

My daughter is constantly running around with small toys. It could be Littlest Pet Shops to Legos, and at her age it is hard for her to keep things picked up. So those small items tend to find their way into our feet. I believe our solution has come in the form of Lay N Go!

This nifty bag lays flat allowing children to play in that area and then when they are finished you just pull the string and hang it up till later. It is one of the easiest things and it keeps things put up and out of the way. It also gets rid of having small legos finding their way embedded into my foot. So for me this was a win.

The Lay N Go comes in different colors and sizes! Large for easy home play, and small for when you are traveling. There is also one specifically made for cosmetics. I know that I can make a mess of my sink and then have to put it all back into the basket I hold my cosmetics in, this would eliminate one whole step.

There are many advantages to the Lay N Go and I hope you all will take the time to find out for yourself at

Disclosure: My opinions are my own and may differ from your own.

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