Make a difference being you
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Make a Difference Being You

Be YOU! This is the best thing I can tell anyone. You will never be as tall as that guy, or have “perfect hair” like that chick, or say things just like anyone else. You are absolutely perfect just being you! There is no one like you and that is a GREAT thing!

My motto in life is “let your freak flag fly.” If you are not hurting anyone else, it does not matter. I don’t care about the color of your skin, how much money you make, what gender you are, or what your sexuality is. You are amazing just being you!

Great things were never done by someone being anything but themselves. Do not conform to what you think you should be. The things that make you great, are because you are not like everyone else.

I have been told by people, and it saddens me, that they wish they were like me. It takes me a moment because, for one I am flattered, but then I point out all of their amazing qualities that I do not have.

I am a weird, weird person. I am an introvert, but you throw me into a group of people and after a little while I am a loud over-sharer. I say inappropriate things and later when I am alone I will fixate on all the stupid shit I said. However, I am told by people that they wish they could be more like me. It is a different concept for me.

I love having girls nights with my friends. It gets me out of my comfort zone and pushes me. I love these women I share my time with. They help me to grow and be a better person. Though what makes them amazing, is they are themselves.

We do not just come out of the box the way we are. Our circumstances in life create us. We do not FIND ourselves, we create ourselves. We choose who we are. Do great things just being you!

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