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My Daughter Plays The Sims 3 Supernatural

So yesterday my kiddo decided she wanted to play The Sims 3 that has the Supernatural DLC. She wanted Mommy to be a fairy and Daddy to be a werewolf. She wanted them to make a baby, meaning her. SO I asked her “SO you want to be a hairy fairy?” she got a huge chuckle out of that!

Today she actually started playing The Sims 3, once she got my computer out of my clutches. She sat down and made moved Mommy and Daddy into a house and asked me to put in the cheats for everyone to be happy. [Yes I have that!] Then she was on her merry way. I then heard her cry, and my heart stopped. I thought something was wrong, it’s not usual for my 6-year-old to just burst into tears.

She was shutting down The Sims 3 and was beyond upset. She said the full moon came out and Daddy turned into a werewolf and Mommy hit the floor. She thought Mommy was dead and was upset by this. I told her I would check it out and I loaded up the game again and noticed Mommy had just fainted and so I explained it to her. I said that her seeing Daddy transformed scared her so much she passed out. I also had to tell her that the zombies that come out of the ground really do not do anything… so she could buy back her door and windows. lol

So she is back to merrily playing the game and Mommy is pregnant with a werewolf/fairy baby. So now she’s going around the house making the joke “You know what a werewolf and a fairy make”… A HAIRY FAIRY!!!”

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