Peppermint Oil Infusion
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My First Oil Infusion

I have been growing a lot of herbs and such. This is mainly for natural healing. It is something I am trying to learn more about, as I am kinda fickle about what I put in my body. If I can find a more natural way, that maybe even works better. I am going to do it. That is why I tried my hand at Oil Infusion.

Everything you put in or on your body ends up in your bloodstream. There isn’t anything that has some sort of side effect, but with natural healing I find them to be a considerably smaller list than those with pharmaceuticals.

I have struggled with migraines since I was 8 years old. Technically before that, but I was diagnosed when I was 8. There have been very few medications I have tried to help with this issue. One thing that works best is peppermint. This probably sounds bizarre, but I put some peppermint oil on my temples and it gives me some relief. If it is affecting my neck I will put some on the back of my neck too.

It gives it a cooling feel as well. Relaxes the muscles in my neck. Since I have a bad neck, I use it pretty often. I also found that a lot of people have no idea that you can even use natural things like that to help with pains or illnesses. So it is something I am working on now, sharing my experiences with it.

When my friends have a headache and ask for an aspirin I give them some peppermint balm for their headache instead. They prefer pharmaceuticals because it is what they are used to. I of course still use them, but if the natural stuff works, I don’t bother.

Lately, I have been interested in creating my own headache balm. Going to perfect a recipe, but I have to start with an oil infusion. So I grew some peppermint and I bought a carrier oil. I decided to try Avocado oil first, I’ll try all of them eventually.

I even grew Cat Grass! Having fun growing things this year! Feel all accomplished growing things.

My Process

Harvested some peppermint from the plant and let it dry. After about 10 days I went ahead and pulled the leaves from the stem and put it in a mason jar and covered it with peppermint. You want to give about an inch space above the leaves.

You pop the lid on top and shake it. Can leave it like that for 2-3 weeks and shake it at least once a day. once this is finished I will strain out the leaves and I have a peppermint oil infusion!

Now you can stop here or do it another time or two. Make it more potent until it is where you want it. I am just excited to be trying to do something like this. Once this infusion is done, I also plan to do lavender that I am growing as well.

I want to create a headache balm that is unique and mine that I can share with those that could use the help. As someone who struggles with migraines and tension headaches because of my bad neck, relief is important. If I can get it with the least amount of side effects, I will do it!


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