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PDP Playstation 4 Media Remote

In my home we only use gaming systems or Roku to stream Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. We do not have cable or satillite tv to watch and we don’t feel like we are missing out on anything by doing it this way. It also saves us a lot of money. One thing that was a pain in the beginning when we were using our PS4 in the living room to watch tv, was that we had to use our wireless controller. It would end up dying a lot or we had to always have it plugged in. This was particularly frustrating if later on we went to game and it was dead. Luckily PDP have given us a great alternative at an affordable price!

PDP announced preorders today for there Media Remote for PS4. I have had the opportunity to try it out and it is amazing! It comes with everything I would need to use the apps I need to watch tv along with just navigating through the PS4 if I want to. One great thing about it as well, is you can pair it with 3 devices other than your PS4. This includes TV, cable box and audio receiver. So almost all of your needs can be met with ONE controller! I dislike having multiple controllers, so this has certainly has decluttered my need for so many remote controlls.

I think my favorite parts of this media remote, is that it is licensed by Sony! This means we get the share button and the VERY useful PS4 button. Meaning it can easily navigate the PS4 to any app you want to watch from(it is compatible with most apps), watching a DVD or going in to change some settings. It is also linked via Bluetooth to the PS4, and for me that is REALLY handy! I can be in the kitchen looking over in the living room and if my youngest wants the TV show changed or her DVD is over, I can quickly grab the remote and do what I need all the way in the kitchen! I don’t have to stand right in front of it. This is just ease of use and I absolutely love it.

You can purchase the Media Remote for PS4 on the PDP website, Bestbuy, Gamestop or Amazon!

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