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Peppermint Phil Gets a New Pot!

Peppermint Phil here is growing like crazy. This is the third pot he has been transplated in, this summer. The fun part is he is where I get my peppermint for my Oil Infusions.

I love peppermint. It is great for headaches and nausea. I use it for my migraines all the time. With pain and nausea, it helps so much. I really recommend it for anyone that is struggling with migraines.

Gardening is something I have been playing around with lately and I really enjoy it. Working in the dirt and growing things from nothing is amazing. I feel incredibly accomplished watching them all grow.

I know it is weird I named my plant, but Peppermint Phil is my buddy. He is one of the first things I grew this year and I am amazed at how quickly he grew.

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