2015 Holiday Gift Guide,  Review

Scanimalz “Blue BearAPPy” Review

I love when the holidays are on the horizon and I get to pick out gifts for people that are in my life. I try my best to get everyone that really means something to me a nice gift, and sometimes just a small one is great too. I think it’s one reason I am excited about┬áScanimalz!

My daughter loves playing games on her tablet, and it is a great way to reward her for great behaviors is letting her play with fun games on her tablet. So this year I am really excited to extend her collection be giving her something as great as another Scanimalz under the tree this year. It gives her a stuffed animal, that she absolutely loves, and a fun app.

I know when my daughter received Blue BearAPPy she was very excited on how cute he was. When we downloaded the app and put in the one time use code we got to start scanning his belly. She was so excited to see him in game and she thought it was a great way to see him come to life.


I found him to be a well made beanie plush and my daughter truly loved him. I know she has spent quiet a bit of her tablet time playing with him. She has claimed she wants to collect them all, so I know that getting her another this holiday season will really light up her face.

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