Shoulder Buddies
2015 Holiday Gift Guide,  Review

Shoulder Buddies “Flurry” Review

Holidays are right around the corner and it is time to start thinking of all the wonderful gifts to give the loved ones in your life! I am always looking for stocking stuffers for all the guest I have at my home during the holidays. I always get excited to see them digging in their stockings and seeing all the goodies “Santa” has stuffed in them!

Shoulder Buddies are a great thing to stuff in stockings. I find that it is great for kids as each one comes with a “Smart Card” that describes a life lesson. Each lesson is different and can be a great reminder for kids when they wear them or see them sitting in a special place.

I got the chance to review Flurry from the Holiday Smarts collection. This collection come with Flurry, Holly & Candice. These are great gift over the holidays, but any of the them would be great to find in a stocking.

Each Shoulder Buddy comes with a Magic Coin that will help keep it magnetically attached where you put it. There are so many different colors and themes, and over 30 new characters are revealed each year!

I think they are adorable, they remind me of Trolls from when I was a kid, but with the life lesson they are even better. I think their hair is adorable and they are just adorable with those feet. Each of them come with a symbol on their chest.

There is one great thing about Shoulder Buddies I think I will be letting my daughter’s school know about. They do Fundraising! There are great things to do for a way to raise money for your school and such a great thing you can hardly resist buying anyway, and why not for raising funds for a school?

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