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Working from Home with Dog

Working from home is something I really enjoy. I get to be home with my daughters and watch whatever I like on TV. Been enjoying watching Pluto TV, they have a Dog the Bounty Hunter channel. 24/7 Dog!

The hours can sometimes be long and exhausting having to make my mind come up with many ways to say the same thing. I also am no millionaire, but what I lack in monetary I gain in my life. There is nothing better than having freedoms with my kids.

These little angels I created are my life. I love them with every part of me. Being able to stay home and be there for them the good and the bad is amazing. I wouldn’t want a “normal” job that requires me to be away from home for 9 hours a day.

My best friend once told me she has no idea how I stay at home. She would go crazy having to stay at home with her kids all day. That she gives me props for the amount of patience I seem to have. Working at home is a whole other set of challenges, but rewarding ones.

I get to see the goofy things my pets do like when Willow eats her dinner. My daughters get to do goofy things as well and I get to see it. I am here for the good times, the bad times, the ugly times, and all of the love. We are a family that does everything together and I love every minute. I wouldn’t change working from home for anything.

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