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Leotastic is a mom to two beautiful girls! Bean is 13 and Bug is 6. She dedicates her life to them. When she is not spending time with her children she can be found chasing around one of her many animals.


  • Cali – Calico Cat that is 16 years old.
  • Trixie – Terrier Mix that is 13 years old
  • Morton – Chinchilla that is 10 years old
  • Catniss Everpurr – Tabby cat that is 3 or 4 years old
  • Willow – Alaskan Malamute that is 3
  • Fizzgig – Calico Kitten that is 5 weeks old (rescue from a week old)

As you can see her life is full of animals and love with her pets and children. She is currently working on a book with one of her friends and between that and writing for blogs, it keeps her busy. You can find some of her work on Mom Blog Society. Leo is also Founder of Moms Gone Nerdy. Something she is hoping to grow into a collaborative work of like minded moms, that includes moms to furbabies! 

She enjoys playing video games, crocheting, gardening, and home improvement projects. Loves old moves, dancing to music while cleaning, and you can find her some Saturday nights singing horrible karaoke with her friends in her favorite dive bar.

Leo is incredibly lucky to have one of the best friends a girl can have. Referred to in this blog and on her streams as Bestie or BestieLuv. This chick is Leo’s rock and keeps her grounded. Helps her come out of her shell and makes her the best version of herself. She is well aware her bestie is better than yours.

That is not to say she does not have many other friends she hangs out with and loves. BestieLuv is just her soulmate sister. <3