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2015 Holiday Gift Guide,  Review

dezign with a Z~ Fairy Baby Tree Wall Sticker

I sometimes have the hardest time picking out great gifts for babies over the holidays. They really do not need a whole lot and sometimes all I find our noisy toys, and as I do not LOVE getting those for my babies as a gift I know I would appreciate something decorative for the nursery. With my most recent addition this June and the craziness of moving and my husband leaving on deployment, the last thing I had on my mind was the decorations in her nursery. I have had friends tell me I need something to spruce the place up. Hopefully friends take my awesome Monkeys with Pink bows as a idea to get her something decorative this year like something from dezign with a Z! HINT HINT

So in the hunt for possible decoration ideas for babies room or perhaps anyone in general, take a peek at some awesome stuff from dezign with a Z. I found things for just about any room in the house and figure I will end up coming back to them after the holidays to get some more things for my house. So many neat decals to put pretty much anywhere, I love that they have nursery wall decals. The great thing about the decals is you can put them up anywhere and once you are done with it, or perhaps have to move you can take them down no problem. Sadly you can not use them again once they are taken down, but I figure the price is pretty right if you choose to get the same decal again.

I tried out the Fairy Baby Tree Wall Sticker in True Pink. I thought it was so adorable and could not wait to get it up in the nursery. Now we ended up having to wait due to some family things and I was lucky enough to have the foresight to have my husband help me before his deployment. It takes a little bit to prep everything and get it up on the wall. I recommend a smooth wall. My walls have a bit of texture and as it was not really difficult to put on, I can only imagine it would have been easier on a smoother wall.

I think for my first ever decal on the walls I did a pretty good job! If you do happen to mess up and have a bubble you can take a pin and poke a hole in it and then push all the air out. It comes with a nice little smoother tool I thought was very helpful. It is used to first get the decal to stick to the plastic so when you put it on the wall the sticker part can then be smoothed to stick to the wall. The directions are easy to follow and with the tool included, almost anyone can put decals up. There is also a video they direct you to view in the directions, I recommend you do.

The details on the tree are absolutely beautiful and it will add those amazing details to the nursery of any baby and just make you go “Awe!” At least it did with me, I love having it over her crib and it just adds a little something extra to her room. I can not wait to get more decorations in there to make it all come together

So this holiday season I think this would make a great gift under the tree for the baby of the family, or perhaps you can come up with plenty of people on your list that would love something like this in their home or in their room. I think there is something for everyone and lots of holiday ideas. So get yourself a cup of coffee and browse a bit, never know what goodies you will find!

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