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First ER Visit for Bug

My youngest had her first ER visit just this weekend. There was no accident or anything where you would look at her and see anything wrong. Constipation, my friends. It is a silent and can even turn deadly… like a fart. Bad joke? Moving on! We ended up struggling with some poo issues. At first I thought it was diarrhea and it turned out to actually be constipation. Once I figured that out I tried Miralax and it seemed to fix our situation for a few days. When I saw all the symptoms returning along with her hiking up her pants while jumping up and down yelling “OW OW OW” I immediately took her to the ER.

This was out of my knowledge base, and I am not ashamed to say it. Her health and her distress in the situation was all I wanted to make sure was fixed. I have to say, even when I went to the ER thinking I was dying (true story, for another time), I was not once more distraught then seeing my daughter go through all the things she had to endure to go number 2. First they tried an enema and NOTHING. After a long wait the Doctor went in manually and all I could do was try and soothe her and hold her telling her everything was going to be okay. When that brought zero results the nurse had to do a second enema. Then I had to sit her over the commode, thankfully for the last time that afternoon.

She screamed and yelled and kicked and I just held her telling her everything was going to be okay while I silently cried (Thankfully she couldn’t see my face) and waited. She finally went and BOOM she fell asleep as I held her. Then we got her dressed and she got up and marched out of the hospital room, said “Bye” to the nurses and said “Let’s Go Mom!” On the way home she was talking and giggling and just felt so much better. I feel awful I waited at all, but I took her as soon as I saw her mood change.

She has a follow up along with being on Miralax for 2 weeks. We just have to wait on her to get back to being regular and not so afraid to go poop. I see her already trying to hold it and I keep assuring her, it won’t hurt like it did last time. Time will tell, but I am just glad she is back to normal and feeling better.

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