Fizzgig is Getting So Big

Fizzgig is getting so big!

So this adorable little kitten (Later named Fizzgig) I got from my Step-Mom. She asked me if I would take her. Was not sure I could as I have 2 cats already and one of them is 16 and just a little ball of anxiety.

She told me that the kitten had been abandoned by her mother and was so tiny. After she sent me a picture I decided I would take her in. Just until she was old enough to be adopted to someone who could take her.

Though after the kitten arrived at my home I realized she was maybe only a week old. Her eyes were barely open and she could not go to the bathroom on her own. She also did not have the strength to use a bottle. I had to feed her goats milk from a medicine dropper.

Of course, every time I fed her I had to rub her butt so she would go potty. It was a mess and I was constantly up through the night to take care of her. I felt like I had a newborn all over again. Just minus the whole pregnancy and delivery part.

I was worried I could not save her, and by the time she was with us for about two weeks, my youngest was completely attached. I knew she was not going anywhere. So we began to run through names for her.

Fizzgig Sleeping

So many names were run through. Nothing stuck and didn’t love them. However, every time she played or did anything she would throw her arms up and open her mouth. I finally thought of Fizzgig and the girls loved it.

I got that name from The Dark Crystal. It was one of my favorite movies growing up and one I have shown my oldest. I need to show my youngest this movie soon, she will love it.

Regardless she got so big and I am so grateful that she is still with us. I was not sure there for a minute. There was so much I had to do to keep her alive. Just so happy she is with us. She brings so much comic relief to our lives.


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