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Just Dance 2018 Review Xbox One

My family and I enjoy videos games so much. We love to spend time playing them together and other times we like to play them on our own. One thing we love most of all is games that get us engaging and laughing on rainy days or evenings after a busy day. Just Dance 2018 is one of these games, in fact we own almost all of the Just Dance games. My oldest daughter usually comes to expect them. This game is fun, engaging and gets you up off your feet.

I know for me a big problem is exclusive games. It is like you can’t play all the games you want, unless you have that particular console. With Just Dance 2018 you have no problem with that! It is available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360! It is awesome that is is even available on older consoles, no need for the newest console with this you can just enjoy it on what you already have. This is a huge thing for a lot of my friends and family. They just can not bring themselves to buy a newer console, but they still want to enjoy some of the newer games.

Just Dance 2018

The playlist for the game is really enjoyable. All the songs that my kids enjoy and hear have them up on their feet. I know a lot of reasons parents usually shy away from video games is because of the social aspect or because they are just sitting there. This game has them engaging with their friends to dance and have a great time. They are up and moving to some of their favorite songs and this really makes me happy. You can even check out the Song List on their website.

Just Dance Unlimited is a service is $29.99 a year and it includes all past songs and a few other exclusive songs. It broadens your song library and more dances. I find that this is great for those that play it often and want a wide range of songs. You can cancel at anytime and it is fairly inexpensive for a whole year. I would recommend that for anyone who plays Just Dance regularly, it is worth it to have all of those songs available. I enjoy the fact that if you get unlimited it is endless hours of music for the kids to dance to.

With the Xbox One there are 2 ways you can play the game. The kinect connection is really great and we enjoy it so much. That is how we have played all of them, but the kinect is ceasing production, so I am not sure how they will do it in future installments. If you do not have a kinect, no problem! You can link up your smartphone and use it as a motion controller while you dance. Either option is a viable one, but the smartphone can have issues. This coupled with the fact my kids do not have their own smartphones and I only have one, that can be a problem. I hope they continue to have the kinect as an option.

As you play the goal is to get as close to the dancers as possible and you are scored accordingly. They are Super, Good & Perfect and to get Perfect will require a bit more practice. This makes the game great for replayability. It will have you coming back to prefect your skills and score better each time. You can even customize your avatar and that makes it fun and engaging. I love being able to customize things and play what I want to play. Plus it is alike a workout and keeps you moving and with the fun songs it makes it a lot of fun.

Something to keep in mind is that some of the tracks are not exactly kid friendly to those who are younger. This year there is a new mode that is called Kids Mode. It is a little easier to the younger kids and the tracks are kid friendly. It makes it a great new addition to those of us with smaller children. The scoring system is a bit different from the traditional game and that is HA-HA, YAY & Wow and it makes it fun for the kids.


The game is a fun and engaging game that gets you and your kids up moving to some of the songs you all hear on the radio. The fact there is a Kids Mode for those songs that may not be desirable for your younger crowd is an excellent edition, however that is only available on the newer consoles. The option to have Just Dance Unlimited is a great thing to make this game and future installments full of even more songs to keep being able to play older songs and grows the library for movement each year. The game comes out with a new installment each year and keeps us wanting more. This is a great to keep us playing the newer songs each year.

I think this is a must-have for families that like gaming and moving with their families.

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