Mod Camera Strap
2015 Holiday Gift Guide,  Review

Mod Camera Strap Review

My family makes jokes about me being unable to go anywhere without my camera, and for most moms, this is very true. I have for a long while been looking for accessories that suit my taste and personality. If you happen to be looking for the right gift for someone who takes photos on a regular basis a camera strap from would be a great choice!

The straps are beautifully crafted and durable. I was in a rush to get it on my camera as soon as possible and it has been on it through quiet a few photo opportunities and I love it. The under side is so amazingly soft on my neck and the design on the top is strongly knitted and beautiful. It is so hard to find camera accessories that are more than just black and bland. Luckily with mod you get all the options you could imagine. There is a different design for just about anyone and affordable too! They do not just make straps you can find other accessories as well that I am asking for, for Christmas to match my new strap.

The strap design you see on my camera is the Pink Damask. It really makes it beautiful and bring out my own personality in one of the things I am most passionate about, taking photos. I love being able to personalize things I take with me almost everywhere. If you do not have such a big camera there are also loads of accessories and designs for the smaller cameras in your life!

Most people would be extremely happy to have something that is much more than the boring usual camera accessories you find normally & they are usually extremely expensive for not really being what you want. You get something spectacular with the mod and it’s affordable!

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