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Much Needed Girls Night

I truly recommend a girls night regularly! At least once a month go out and just let your hair down. Do something goofy or fun and just enjoy time with your friends!

We go out pretty regularly the three of us. Like when we went out for Amber’s Birthday. The one thing that is missing is always my Bestie. She lives in New York so can’t come out with us. Plus with some of my own personal issues not being able to really have her over for a while. Been kinda sucky, but soon she will join us a couple of times a year!

Either way, it is important to go out and have a regular girls night. Does not matter if it is just going and playing a board game and having some wine, watching a movie, or going to do my favorite activity, karaoke! Sometimes I have even been known to sport a T-Rex costume and walk around my hometown. The police even like a photo op!

I think just going out and having fun really helps with your mental health. I find not enough people worry about their mental health, and everyone should. It is a vital part of our lives. Take the time to recharge and have a great time.

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