My Dwarf Dahlia is Pretty
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My Dwarf Dahlia is Pretty!

I wanted to plant something pretty in my flower garden around my patio. So I stumbled upon these Dwarf Dahlia tubers and thought it would be great. The downside is they are considered a tropical plant, so unless I dig up the tubers before winter to store until spring, they won’t grow back.

The upside is they sure are pretty! Reminds me of a daisy, which is my favorite flowers… but I have to say, these may win on my favorite list now. I have been doing a lot of gardening this year, and I love almost every minute of it. Besides the weeding!

I found these dahlias by accident. I have a character I am writing for that is named Dahlia. So there is a bit of a connection to them. Though the typical dahlia’s I don’t find quite as pretty. Then I saw these and I was like YES PLEASE!

The Dwarf Dahlia looks significantly different from other dahlia flowers. Since these remind me of a daisy I think it is certainly why I love it. I planted 3 sets of tubers but only 2 made it. One in this red and another in yellow.

I also found out that they LOVE full sun. The red ones grew better than my yellow ones because those are in partial shade through the day, but still blooming pretty yellow flowers, I will have to get some pictures of it. No idea what color the third set was supposed to be.

I just have to remember to dig these up at the end of fall before it freezes so that I can enjoy these beauties again next year!

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