New Refrigerator
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New Refridgerator

I got a new refrigerator! So excited by this honestly! It is a Samsung French Door Stainless Steel Refrigerator! It is really nice and I love it! I had a fridge like this when I lived in California from a place I rented. Always wanted one of my own, now I do!

My kitchen has been a project I have been working on since last spring. I painted the counters and the cabinets and put new hardware on them. I still have a few doors to do and I am looking at other flooring options after I actually paint. Can not handle the 1990 wallpaper look in this kitchen, so it will be updated soon!

There is so much that comes along with that. When I go to paint I may be taking down my popcorn ceiling, that I hate! Then I will be painting and adding molding. Along with that, I plan a backsplash. I found a few I like.

Home improvement projects I love! I enjoy doing them frugally and myself if I am able. The new refrigerator was something I was going to hold off on though, as it was not a necessity at the time.

However, my old refrigerator started making weird noises. Then the noises got louder and I keeping me up at night. So that meant a new refrigerator was on the agenda! I scoured the internet trying to find what I wanted. Then I finally found one in my budget and exactly what I wanted.

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