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Rachel & the TreeSchoolers A Rainy Day Review

I love finding great DVDs to help preschoolers learn! Something fun and engaging that has them up, moving, and learning without even realizing it. Learning without realizing it is really key to them enjoying learning, its not something that they drudge through like some learning tools.

two little hands

Rachel & the TreeSchoolers A Rainy Day from two little hands, is a great DVD full of learning about weather! It teaches them about safety and to question different things about the weather! It also teaches them signs for certain things like rain, cloud, thunder & more! It also has them up learning songs and moving to the music and just having a great time. There are also adorable characters you get to meet and fall in love with! Rachel from Signing Time is an excellent host who is so energetic and really gets the kids engaged.

Your child will even be taking part in character building and learning important preschool concepts. I love when my children get involved and help with problem solving and this really helps with that. I like my children questioning things and broadening their minds. Thinking things out on their own is really important for kids to learn and there are plenty of opportunities to do so while watching this DVD!

For the holidays this would be a great gift for the little preschooler in your life! It is something that you can even find yourself engaged in and helping them learn. It is great fun for all involved, especially if you love helping them learn!

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