Road Trip
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Road Trip of 2,200 Miles With Kids & Pets

You think to yourself: I have lived across the country from my family and it is time to head home. Time for a road trip. You get all your ducks in a row, home set up across the country, moving the truck, and you get all the moving supplies you need. No one ever thinks, when buying something, how easy it will be to move across the country. In hindsight, if I had thought of this, I probably would have a bunch of folding chairs and we all would have slept on air mattresses. This is not plausible, but I decided halfway through packing I was just throwing everything away.

No, I did not throw it all away. In fact, I bought a few new bags at the outlets before finishing up my packing. I figured the next time I save 90% on a Kate Spade bag would be NEVER… So it had to be done. I decided that Bug’s room would be the last packed. She is only 3 and change is rough at that age. Bean was good, at 10 she is pretty resilient. On moving day, I realized what I fool I was on waiting on certain things. I should have just kept packing and never looked back.

We ended up leaving a day late. Honestly wasn’t such a bad thing I suppose… however we still did not leave early on the NEXT moving day. I load up my truck with 2 kids, 2 cats, 2 fish, a dog, a hamster, and my Chinchilla. No freaking joke, we moved across the country with fish. Who does that? I feel insane just thinking about it. Good news, they made it! Both are alive and kicking it in their tanks. Robert Paulson [aka Bob] is my beautiful beta that I saved from a life in a tiny little plastic bowl on a shelf in a store. Then we have Fishie, named by Bean who was 3 at the time.

Road Trip

I know what you are all thinking… No, he is not 7 years old, but that is a topic for another day. Moving on.

So we get loaded up and started our road trip. The first day was rough, I have a gluten sensitivity. They think it might be Celiac, but I have never been tested. Bug is the same way, so we just avoid wheat where we can. However, my sweet husband got me a coffee at a gas station, SUPER freaking thick. Who likes thick coffee? Ugh… anyways I drank about half only because I needed the jumpstart. Didn’t take long for the runs to start. Holy Moly! I would go as long as I could, but the pooping dance is no fun in a car that you are strapped into while your cat starts to wake up from the drugs the vet gave him.

So we stopped, and stopped, and stopped, and stopped… and finally, I called it. We found a place to stay for the night. By the way, Google is a godsend and so are cellphones. I can not imagine how hard it would be to find a hotel that is pet-friendly without them. So we get in the room and guess who doesn’t have to poop anymore? That’s right, ME! We could have kept going. Oh well, I was exhausted and dehydrated anyways. My husband goes back and forth bringing in the pets and then goes to the moving truck for our over night bags. At least he was in the moving truck all day and didn’t have to hear kids fighting and pets making a ruckus. He just is in charge of getting everything in the hotel room.

The second day of the road trip went a bit smoother, but we stopped pretty often for tiny bladders… mostly the dogs, and then continued on our way. The third day we stayed with a friend all day at about the halfway mark across the country. We got some R&R and the dog got a nice rest with friends too. The 4th day we went as far as we could and on the 5th day I said: “DONE WITH THIS!” So we went 530 some miles and rolled in at 9 pm EST. We were exhausted and the house was empty and I still had to run to Walmart for some necessities. So we could eat in the morning and I needed to do some cleaning in our new place.

Road Trip

Never again!

I am so glad we are here, but I will never cram everyone into a vehicle and drive across the country again. Not that type of road trip… NOPE! I had to stop to get cats to stop fighting, kids fighting, cats meowing, doggy needing to pee and then almost killing us all in highway traffic because she thought it would be awesome to jump in my lap going 80 mph in heavy traffic.

Now to move into a much smaller place with all our belongings. Downsizing is fun…

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