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Street Fighter Pixel Pals!

I remember as a little girl playing Capcom‘s Street Fighter and having a great time with my brother, sister and friends. I fancy myself a bit of a retro gamer still and enjoy coming back to the old classics, as I still have all the games from when I was a kid, even though they will not play on newer computer. Luckily I can find emulators to play those. I also have my old systems from when I was a kid. Luckily I am married to a man that allows me to be a tech/game hoarder.

As it is the 30 year anniversary of Street Fighter, what is more fitting than some Pixel Pals by PDP to celebrate? I absolutely adore the different Pixel Pals and the fact I can get some of my favorite characters and light up my “nerd shelves,” as my husband calls them. Not just that, PDP has brought me some of my favorite gaming peripherals EVER and I knew these would be absolutely stunning. How can you go wrong with an 8-bit, light up, statue?

One of the Pixel Pals I have is Ryu. He is pretty much the leader of the street fighter series and was even premiered in the very first Street Fighter(1987). His friends always kept him down to earth and he is a pretty humble character who is always striving to learn and do better. He is figure that is a great piece of art, that also can light up. You will need 2 AAA batteries, that are not included. There is a switch on the back that will turn the light on and off. The beauty of it is, you don’t have to light it up. Though I like flicking mine on and it lights up my “nerd shelves” and looks pretty neat.

The other Street Fighter Pixel Pal I have is Chun-Li! Her debut in the series wasn’t until 1991 and she was the first female Street Fighter. The fact she was strong and determined really made her my absolute favorite. At the time it was hard to find characters for a little girl to look up to, most were damsels in distress. She makes a great addition to any Street Fighter collection or as a female character favorite. She is an adorable pixel art figure that lights up, just like Ryu. Pop in those AAA batteries and light her up on your shelf, desk or whatever surface you put your nerdy stuff on!

I absolutely adore these figures. I love collecting memorabilia and when they can double as a light source! These also make excellent night lights for kids. The box does say 14+ and this is why I recommend putting it up high, where they can not get it. I also have a second recommendation, if you do this, rechargeable batteries! Though that is my go to recommendation for anything that requires batteries and kids are involved. I put a Pixel Pal up on a shelf in my 4-year-old’s room, because she still likes night lights. She thinks it is awesome, and so do I!

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