The Juppy
2015 Holiday Gift Guide,  Review

The Juppy Review

So as many people have young children learning to walk sometimes you need something to save your back, and that is where The Juppy comes in. This thing is fantastic, you get to help your baby learn to walk without bending over and killing your back. As a mother with a bad back this is a great tool!

The Juppy

So this holiday season this is a great gift for a baby or mother so when it is time to learn to walk they have something helpful. I know when my oldest was learning to walk she didn’t want to be carried anywhere I had to hunch over and hold her little hands and help her along, and the ache on my back was horrendous.

It is a very sturdy design that keeps the baby wrapped up safe and snug and the straps you hold on to are strong and you know your baby is safe the whole time you take them around practicing to walk.

This is great to use when you go out and even at home to help practice those skills until baby is ready to take the path on their own! They grow up so fast so its important to be as involved in their learning as possible and this is one of the many early steps you can take, and it saves your back too! You can even have it personalized!

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