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The Walking Dead: Michonne PS4 Trophies

I decided to post all the screenshots from the trophies for The Walking Dead: Michonne on the PlayStation 4! I rarely platinum any game, but this one I did. To be fair you play through the game and you get it. Not like you have to do so many hours of ridiculous stuff and replay the game 18 times to get them all.

Yes, I am exaggerating, but I like games where you can get the trophies without doing ridiculous stuff. To platinum this game, you simply play through the game. I have really loved The Walking Dead series. This was no exception. It was interesting to learn more about Michonne that I may not have otherwise known.

I have read a few of the comics, watch a bit of the TV series, and have played all of The Walking Dead games to date from Telltale games! I plan to play them all. I assume there will be more. I want to see what happens to Clementine.

I really enjoyed playing through The Walking Dead: Michonne so incredibly much. I enjoy Muchonne’s character and getting to play her and see where she came from was enlightening as to how she is the way she is. Such a badass is an understatement!

I just wanted to show off I had all the trophies! I hope to be able to do this again for future games and maybe some with harder ways of getting trophies! Who knows really?!?

Telltale games is a great company and they bring so many great games for us. I look forward to future content from them. Their games always excite me and I was not sure I would enjoy them.

The choose your own adventure style is right up my alley! I like making choices and seeing the repercussions to them. Playing through several times to see the different outcomes! Telltale Games has truly brought so many hours of gameplay to my life and I look forward to so many more!

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