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two little hands Potty Time Review

The holidays are coming up and I am always looking for great presents for the under 2 crowd. They tend to be pretty hard to get presents for these days. I like something a bit on the educational side, yet fun! I recently came across two little hands and have loved everything I have heard about them and of course everything I have reviewed for them so far. Great educational products in a fun setting, who could ask for more?

Lots of children struggle with learning to go potty. I know my oldest had a hard time and we found books and DVDs and everything. I really wish that among those we had the opportunity to try out Potty Time from two little hands, the makers of Signing Time. I think it truly would have helped, but luckily we will have another go at the potty training task and hopefully armed with this DVD we can do wonders with Potty Time!

The DVD helps kids to listen to their bodies, which is a huge step in learning to go potty on their own. It also helps them to stop what they are doing and go potty, they can always go back to playing when they are finished. One great step is to celebrate their success in a positive way. Now one thing I know most people and kids struggle with is how to deal with accidents when they may happen, and it really helps to deal with them in a positive way.

The DVD is a lot of fun and gets the kids moving and has really upbeat music, and speaking of music, a Potty Time Songs DVD is included! How awesome is that? They can listen to their favorite Potty Time songs in the car or just around the house! I thought it was really neat!

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