Women With Curves

Women With Curves are Beautiful!

Women with Curves are Beautiful! Saw this picture posted on my Facebook, and I LOVE IT! I feel it brings a real feel to actual women who do not work out 7 days a week, starve themselves, or try out every fad diet. I myself am not skinny minnie, but I am fairly active and try to eat healthily. That eating healthy part is that I REALLY try, but I really enjoy food.

I always found Marilyn Monroe to be beautiful. I’m happy to know that I do not have to be 90lbs soaking wet with boots on to achieve her amount of beauty. Though knowing how to do my hair and using makeup might help. I have never been a girlie girl, but as I get older it is something I wish I knew more about.

Women with Curves

Especially since I have a beautiful little girl, I would like her to be able to learn from me. That women with curves are beautiful and so are those with no curves. Just be happy with who you are!

So perhaps that is something I should work for, learning to be a bit more girlie! 🙂

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